Warwick Thumb NT5 (BIG PRICE DROP)

For sale/trade Warwick Thumb NT5, year 98, in great condition, with hard case...

Best B string I've played, great tone, fresh set-up made by professional luthier...

Few marks under bridge pickup and head, but nothing special...

Construction: Neck-through-design
Body: Bubinga
Neck: Wenge with Bubinga stripes
Fingerboard: Wenge
Scale: 34
Frets: 26
Pickups: MEC J/J
Electronics: Active MEC
Pots: Volume (push/pull for active/passive), Balance, Bass/Treble (stacked)
Finish: Natural Oil Finish
Tuners: Warwick
Bridge: 2-piece Warwick
Warwick security locks
Black hardware
Nut: Just-A-Nut II
Weight: 4.5 kg

Price or Trade value: 1800€ (including shipping to EU).
New price 1450€ (including shipping to EU)

Bass is in Croatia but it could be shipped to Munchen for inspection if there is an interest for it!!!

Trade for 5 stringers only: Mike Lull, Dingwall, FBass, Lakland USA, Alleva...


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