Warwick Wp 3-7


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Hi there fellow big stringers. Here I go again in English, because I'm just a Dutch geek too afraid to write German for all the spelling mistakes he's gonna make and be kicked about for. So excuse me for that.

I own a Warwick WP 3-7 pre amp. Anyone else uses this? I do have some problems setting it up well. The sound is quite faint, the graphic EQ does not respond very well (especially in the high end) and the sound is always quite dark compared to the sound of my Hartke HA3500, which is very bright (and much louder).

The WP 3-7 goes into a Wariwck WPA 700 stereo power amp and then into 4x10 and 1x15 cabinets.

Lets discuss this bit for a while, shall we? I need some tips and I'd like to hear what kind of styles of music you use it for. Please respond in German if you want. No problem. Reading does not cause spelling mistakes...(just interpretation errors).


Hi.I think this Warwick preamps have a button vor High- and Bassboost.Try to use only the Highboost.The Hartkeamp is able to boost even higher frequencies than the Warwick.

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