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€ 1.800,00
Pedulla MVP 1994 (Verkaufe/Tauche)

Pedulla MVP 1994 (Verkaufe/Tauche) Verkauft

You never played Better

Short introduction.. I'm living in Venlo, Netherlands (30 minutes from Dusseldorf). I read and speak German.. but writing is something different. So, here goes in English:

With pain in my hearth I'm parting with this beautiful Pedulla MVP from 1994. By far the best bass I've ever owned but in the last year I've moved to 5 string, which makes this one obsolete..

It has very little wear and tear. Overall very good condition. Frets are like new. Dual action trus rod works perfectly. Pups and 2EQ are original and work as a charm.

Comes with Original case and truss rod tool. Fresh new Pedulla 45-100 steel strings are on.

In regards of trades, mit wertausgleich, I'm looking for a 5 string Mucisman Stingray. Preferably from before 1995 or a newer classic version. A 5 string MVP I will be very interested in as well (mit wertausgleich von mir).

If you are seriously interested, send me a PB with your fair offer. I will reply quickly.
Angaben zum Versand:
Venlo, Niederlande


    1. SpcMnk
      Just in case the above is not completely clear. I'm open to pretty much any partial trade (trade mit wertausgleich from your side) if that makes the sale easier. I do have preferences but am open to a lot of gear. (No Ibanez, Epiphone, Squier or anything like that please).

      If additional pictures are desired, please let me know and I will post them.