For Sale: Rickenbacker 2030


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Hello everyone!
A dutch fellow-bassplayer recommended this website to me as being a good place to sell basses. I'm sorry my topic is in English, I understand German, but not to that extent that I find myself able to advert my bass-guitar. :-)
Because for the bass i'm selling the market is rather limited, i thought i'd give it a go to see if anyone here might be interested.

So here goes:
For sale: My Rickenbacker 2030 (Or otherwise known as "the hamburg bass", don't ask me why... :-) )
Spefications: built in august 1992, midnight blue finish with black hardware (tuners, trussrod-cover, pickups and knobs) and black binding around the neck, the bass comes in the original case which is in a general good condition (apart from the locks which need to be replaced).

My asking price is 1000 euros, but nice offers will be looked at . The bass is located in Belgium (because that's where I live, off course :-) ).
If interested, please contact me, and I'll send you pictures, because I haven't got a clue on how to upload pictures here. :-)

Am I in for a trade? Well, I don't know. I might trade for a Fender Precision (depending on what type it is) or a Gibson RD Artist but other than that, I don't know...
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Hey there! I am in fact that Dutch fellow bassplayer you mentioned;-)
You can upload by pushing the "datei hochladen"... And you can do that in your original post pushing "bearbeited" first...

Hammer bass jungs hab mir diesen mahl gespielt sahne teil:-)
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