FS: Wood&Tronics Chronos 6


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For sale here is Wood&Tronics Chronos 6.
Many folks call these the Fodera of Europe. Well, attention to detail, quality of electronics and woods are very, very, close. This bass sounds a lot like fodera/duncan loaded 34" imperials do. 34", 19mm spacing currently, does 18-19+mm.
More specs: Bass culture foderaesque dual coils, John East preamp. alder body, chestnut top, maple neck, ebony fingerboard.
The bass is in great condition, it looks great,(it shows only a few minor scratches), plays like butter and sounds wonderful!

Price is 1900 euros.
The bass is located in Bucharest, and can be shipped anywhere in Europe for 70 euros. It will come in a case.
Please feel free to ask me anything you like.
chronos2.jpg chronos3.jpg chronos4.jpg chronos5.jpg

chronos3.jpg chronos4.jpg chronos5.jpg

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