FT: FARIDA JAZZ with upgraded bridge and pre-amp, looking for trade with H/H or P/J bass



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I've recently bought this from "Allthumbs" and it is definitely the best buy i've ever made considering the sound and quality you get for the money.

The bass really surprised me with it's build quality and tone & it has one of the most comfortable and easy to play jazz-necks i've ever encountered.

The high quality finish and overall craftsmanship that were put in this bass is definitely on par (if not even better) with some of the much more expensive jazz-basses i've owned in the past and with the added upgrades this beauty plays and sounds better than many intruments that cost almost 3 times as much.

Upgrades are:

- EMG BTC Control preamp

- BB404 locking high-mass bridge

- Closed pickup covers

- Frets have been leveled and the bass had a pro set-up

- Control layout has been changed to add a 3-way pickup selector switch along with the knobs of Master Volume,
Stacked bass/treble cut&boost.

I got the bass in In superb condition with barely a mark or blemish to be found on it and it still in the same condition as the day it arrived, she never left my home and she has been well taken care of.

Here's a video of our very own "Allthumbs" reviewing the Farida (video was made before the upgrades were done!):

I love this bass to bits, but a sudden change in musical direction
(i just started a new band with wich i'll be playing mostly stoner rock and progressive/fusion rock)
and the fact that i've recently developed a preference for slightly thicker neck profiles is forcing me to shift this and start looking for something more rock-oriented.

The bass comes with a spanking new Stagg gigbag and i also have a fitting box and package materials available to ensure safe shipping.

I'd value this around 325Euro's but would prefer a trade with a good P/J bass or something with two high output humbuckers and a slightly thicker neck profile,
can't ad cash at the moment (unless you're willing to wait untill the end of december when i get my christmass bonus...),but i can ad a near mint Ashdown Five15 combo to the trade to cover the difference in value if needed.

Can ship worldwide, please PM for more info regarding shipment.

O.k. enough rambling, time for some picture's! :-)




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