Peter Malinek Physical Bass 6 fretless


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Custom made by Peter Malinek in perfect condition:

6 strings
scale 34"
stringspacing 17 mm. (throughbody)
Koa body
Spalted maple top
Neck: maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Gotoh tuners
pu's: MEC m60206 (active)
pre-amp: Bartolini
active/passive volume push/pull
blend, bass, treble
€ 1450,-
Located in the north of the Netherlands: Groningen.



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Hey, it's another PM Bass! Just chiming in to hold stirrups on account of the unknown brand: I've got a PM frettet five, quite an amazing instrument, top notch built quality and amazing wood selection. I do remember the builders name being Peter Minarik though. Not that it helps, the web doesn't yield any bass related information either.
A unique instrument for sure. Good luck with the sale.
Oben Unten