Suche Ibanez Roadstar Bass RB650


The Herd
Ooooh I feel your pain... Mine is a RB630 and I will be in tears if I lose it.

Found mine a few years ago for a silly price in someones closet, brand new, hadn't been touched for 30 years. Sounds and plays great originally but I've added a hipshot detuner, Babicz bridge (crazy sustain) and most importantly: Lindy Fralin pickups. Silly to put AAA class parts on this guitar cuz I might never get anything back for it but I don't care, it now sounds & plays like a 2000,- Precision for a fraction of the price. Here it is still in original condition when I brought it home:


Here with new hardware:

RB630 Kemper Amp.jpg

I'll keep my eyes open for you!

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