Suche: Ibanez SR605 oder Ibanez SR505


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I'm looking for a SR605 or SR505 at a good price,
it has to be one with the Bartolini MK1 pickup's as i plan to swap them out with Nordstrand pick up's.

Do you have one of these for sale at a reasonable price? Please let me know via PB. ;-)

kind regards,


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That`s the best you can do with the pickups, to swap them out. Had a 505 fretless, sounded good, but the pickup did not match the fretboard radius. So the B-String an the G-string had less output than the other 3 strings. An Ibanez man told me: Buy a compressor an I said build in other pickups.
The bass feels and playes well, but will not sound with these pickups.
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