Wood&Tronics Chronos 6


For sale here is Wood & Tronics Chronos 6
Many folks call the thesis Fodera of Europe. well, attention to detail, quality of electronics and woods are very, very, close. This bass sounds a lot like fodera / duncan loaded 34 ". Imperials do 34 ", 19mm spacing currently, does 18-19 + mm.
More specs: Bass culture foderaesque dual coils, John East preamp 3 band. alder body, purple heart tone block, chestnut top, maple neck, ebony fingerboard.
The bass is in great condition, it looks great, (it shows only a few minor scratches), plays like butter and sounds wonderful! A very very resonant bass did is so very light: 4.1 kg!


My price is 1800 euros. NOW 1600 for cash only! The bass is located in Bucharest, and can be shipped anywhere in Europe in this price. It will come in a case. Please feel free to ask me anything you like.

14420-84c96325bb3846e6d04eaa401af24c10.jpg 14421-69b8a2d35fcbe889f04f6d0ddbcc1aa8.jpg 14422-2bed80dd341674adc3749e981360271b.jpg 14423-e7369f5a0aef552e77b06f5c2a13e5e7.jpg
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