Glockenklang Bass Art, Crown Power-Tech 3, Lexicon Alex Processor

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I live in Switzerland, Zurich area. I do not ship equipment and I do not trade. All prices are firm.

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PRICE EUR 775.00 (CHF 950.00)

Glockenklang Bass Art and Crown Power-Tech 3 (760 watts into 4 ohms in Stereo mode when both channels driven and 1,525 watts into 8 ohms in Bridge-Mono mode.) This entire stack, including the 19" case, Lexicon Alex Processor, Adam Hall power supply and cables go for EUR 775.00 (CHF 950.00). The two Peavey 210 TX speaker cabs will be given for free when you decide to buy the bass amplification. Everything is in perfect working order. You will not find so much detail, warmth or headroom in any digital amp!
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