What is the Tao?


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What is the Tao?


The Tao is a kind of power, a kind of element, when the world have not yet appear, even the cosmos have not yet appeared, the Tao has already exist.This kind of power can create the cosmos, creating the world, creating our mankind, this kind of element conceals in the world, in the cosmos, conceal in our body, the Tao can make us clear, no ill , cold and hot not invade, the Tao can make us live for ever and ever, can make us have the magical power, become the celestial being.

The Tao becomes the shen (one of mind which is from the Tao), the Shen becomes the Qi (congenital Qi), the Qi become the blood, the blood becomes the person's shape, the person's shape becomes the infant, the infant becomes the little son, the little son becomes the youth, the youth becomes the middle age, the middle age becomes the old age, the old age becomes to die. This is the process of the life. The sperm of the father and the ovum of the mother, the function of the congenital Qi, become the embryo, the first step contain the person's shape. Because the Tao conceal therein, the function of the congenital Qi, so the person's category is numerous, current musician, scientist, and then have the philosopher, the medical science house, the Tao can change.

The embryo is in the matrix, because of the function of the congenital Qi, the embryo do not need use the nose to breath, just internal breathing. When it escape from maternal, a the cry, arriving at in the world, the congenital breath turn the postnatal breath. After that time, the postnatal breath dominate in the life, the person become the general body. Along with the right, reputation, money, and the eroticism, poisonous article etc, the person's desire, agony, pain and sufferings etc increase continuously, consuming our congenital Qi continuously, If the person consume the congenital Qi quickly, he will died when he is at the middle age, if the person consume the congenital Qi slowly, he can live at the old age only.

Because of the congenital Qi is in our body, so the inhale of the infant is long, the exhalation of the infant is short. When we are consuming our congenital Qi continuously, our inhale and exhalation are coming to be same time, when we are at the old age, our inhales are coming to be short, our exhalations are coming to be long. While becoming to only breathe out and can't inhale, the person's life is over. This is the cause that the people do not know to cultivate the Tao.

The person knew the Tao but who don't learn it, and someone who is do not know the Tao are similar !


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Seh ich das richtig? Schon ein zweiter Toa Thread?
Langsam nimmt das überhand..........

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Ich denke es ist ein Gleichnis und bezieht sich auf die gesammte Wintersportindustrie.
Also ich werde beim Bassbau nicht meditieren sondern sägen, fräsen, schleifen...
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